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User Testing for Accessibility

There is no substitute for real people testing a website.

As the Disability Rights Commission pointed out in its 2006 PAS 78, evaluating a site against the WCAG standards is not enough in itself to ensure that a site is truly accessible. Good practice asserts that there is no substitute for hands-on user testing by people with disabilities.

User Testing Procedure

Our Test Panels are made up of users with a range of impairments that affect the way they use the web. The Panel includes people with sight, hearing, cognitive and physical mobility impairments, some of whom may use assistive technologies to interact with the web. In discussion with the client, we put together a set of tasks which reflect the key purpose and functions of the site. Panel Members attempt to complete these tasks and use a scoring system to record their degree of success together with a commentary on the process.


Feedback from the Test Panel enables us to measure how effective and usable the site is for disabled people and, if necessary, make practical recommendations to improve it. As with our Compliance Testing, the test report explains the findings and the practical implications of any usability problems we may have identified. Any recommendations we may make will be purposeful and relevant to the aims and objectives of the site.

Want to join our Test Panel?

We're always keen to hear from people who want to be part of our Test Panel. Whether you use assistive technology or not, if you have a disability that affects the way you use websites and you're enthusiastic about making a positive difference to the way the Web works, get in touch.
Email or call 01508 499940.

Site Testing

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