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Website Testing and Evaluation

In 2004, 80% of UK websites presented barriers to disabled people

The Disability Rights Commission’s (DRC) report on website accessibility and usability (April 2004) found that disabled people experience significant problems with more than 80% of UK websites. As well as casting doubt on a website’s effectiveness, this raises potential issues under Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the subsequent Code of Practice which specifically highlights the issue of ensuring website accessibility.

Based on the DRC recommendations, we have developed a twin track approach to assessing and resolving website accessibility and usability problems. We use two methods to assess a site:

If you're unsure whether you need a full testing programme, why not start with an E-Check review? E-Check is a short, expert review of your website with reference to key accessibility and usability indicators. E-Check is quick and affordable, and will give you a summary indication of whether your site presents potential barriers to users with disabilities.

What next?

If you would like to discuss which form and level of testing may be most appropriate for your site, or you would like more information about E-Check or other testing services, call us on 01508 499940 for an informal discussion without obligation.

Site Testing

Special Offer

Take the first step to a barrier free website with 'E-Check'.

E-Check is a short, expert review of your website; a quick and readily affordable insight into accessibility.

The E-Check service is FREE for EFD members.

E-Check has been developed by FDL in partnership with Freeney Williams Ltd.

See the E-Check website for more details.