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Avoiding the pitfalls of online recruitment

In recent years we have developed a particular expertise in all aspects of e-recruitment. As organisations move increasingly to e-recruitment systems, there is a need to ensure they apply best practice and do not limit a disabled person's ability to apply for a job.

Many organisations may be unaware of the technical or procedural issues that they need to address. Moreover, these issues are not limited to websites, and similar considerations apply across the IT field to areas such as intranets and e-learning packages.

FDL can help ensure that not only is your web presence an example of best practice in e-recruitment, but your staff and systems make the grade too.

What next?

E-recruitment is one of a range of specialist disability services that we offer in partnership with Freeney Williams Ltd.. Together we can provide a one-stop-shop that ensures an holistic approach to the full range of disability issues.
Call us on 01508 499940 for an informal discussion without obligation.

Disability Services

Special Offer

Take the first step to a barrier free website with 'E-Check'.

E-Check is a short, expert review of your website; a quick and readily affordable insight into accessibility.

The E-Check service is FREE for EFD members.

E-Check has been developed by FDL in partnership with Freeney Williams Ltd.

See the E-Check website for more details.