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The Web Access Experts

FDL is an equal access web company, working to make your website accessible to everyone.

Accessibility and usability are real issues for every organisation; commercial or not-for-profit, public or private sector, large or small. Our mission at FDL is to help our clients to understand how accessibility relates to their organisation, to minimise the risks and to maximise the opportunities.

FDL has developed a coordinated test programme to ensure that a website not only meets current standards, but that that it can be used effectively and easily by every user. The programme includes:

Special Offer

Take the first step to a barrier free website with 'E-Check'.

E-Check is a short, expert review of your website; a quick and readily affordable insight into accessibility.

The E-Check service is FREE for Business Disability Forum members.

E-Check has been developed by FDL in partnership with Freeney Williams Ltd.

See the E-Check website for more details.