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Accessibility and the Law

Does your website represent a legal risk to your organisation?

Since 1999, inaccessible websites have been in potential breach of the law.

In October 2010, the Equality Act superceded the Disability Discrimination Act in England, Scotland and Wales. Failing to ensure that your website is accessible to disabled people raises significant potential issues under the Equality Act as well as under the Disability Equality Duty for the public sector. Challenges might occur under both service provisions and employment provisions under the Act, while public bodies may face challenges for not addressing these issues under their Duty obligations.

Likewise, as organisations move increasingly to e-recruitment systems, there is a need to ensure they apply the principles of good practice and do not limit a disabled person's ability to apply for a job. It is likely that this will become an increasingly important issue, and indications are that many organisations are not aware of the technical or procedural issues that they face. Additionally these issues are not limited to websites, and similar issues apply across the IT field in areas such as intranets and e-learning packages.

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